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Thursday, May 14, 2015



Anyone here remember the “Crying Indian” who’s tears fell as he looked out over our mountains, streams and highways and saw how careless we were with our trash? Turns out that Indian was Italian but, hey, that is entirely beside the point but I am reminded of him today. Melted snow and warm temperatures are revealing our beautiful city in need of some tender loving care. It’s apparent the Saint Patrick’s Day weekend celebration detritus overwhelmed existing trashcans or that many were unable to find a receptacle. As a homeowner living in a shared commercial/residential area I don’t mind picking up a bit of dropped or blowing trash from time to time. When I’m out for a stroll and see trash I often bend to pick it up with a plan to deposit it in a nearby trashcan. Sadly, I’m finding these receptacles way too few and far between. Do you, Dear Cool Kids, realize there is not a single public trashcan on either side of West 7th between Smith Avenue (going West) and the West side of Mancini’s? Perhaps it is the expectation that the businesses that occupy these blocks will tidy up the area outside their doors but I do not see attention to that detail. When I pick up garbage outside these businesses I either have to carry the trash two to three blocks or enter the business (if it happens to be open) and seek out a garbage can.

Here’s my request. Can either the City of Saint Paul or the business owners on these bustling blocks install trashcans and arrange for its pick up? I don’t mean to pick only on my West 7th neighbors. Oh, goodness no. The streets leading up to and intersecting University Avenue and the parking lots in that area are a garbage-eyesore. I’m asking that we all do our part to make and keep springtime in Saint Paul beautiful. Let’s each pick up trash where we see it, deposit our trash responsibly and urge local government to install public trashcans. Let’s prepare for a springtime where we can see and smell the roses without having to kick aside the litter.
Follow this link to volunteer for April 13, 2015, Saint Paul Citywide Clean-up:

Deborah Padgett is a West End resident, artist & writer.  You can find her novels in your local library, various independent retail stores & online.  Look for SOLVING LONELY, THE SEA IN WINTER & A STORY LIKE TRUTH.  

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