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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

After Hiatus: August 2012 Column

Dear Deb, August 2012

Dear Readers:

It’s siesta season.  We’re all seeking refuge from the heat.  I sit quietly smiling all to myself at the sound of my grandchildren’s laughter or their voices as they read aloud to me.  I’m in a state of luxuriating so profound as to render me dumb before this column deadline.  Is this column going to be about staying silent and listening?  It seems so.

I wonder if the season has had a similar effect on you dear readers.  Since none of you has raised a question, comment or observation you wish me to address here I will simply assume you too are luxuriating.  My Facebook friends are sharing music, laughter; travel sites and seem to be letting go their hectic pace.  I’ve so loved picturing you with your cool drinks on the patio; poking the fire in your backyard fire pit, breathing in the scent of the bouquet you bring from the garden and position to scent your living room.   Have loved too the image of you stopped before a mountain view, binoculars aimed in the direction of the eagle flying overhead.

A friend hiked in the Andes in Peru.  Another filled a weekend with a sisterly stint in Chicago, shopping for the perfect Mother of the Bride dress.  A family filled in the blanks in Silly Monster Mad-Libs by the fire until it became too dark to read so they simply sat there grinning into the dying embers.  A friend of mine is spending her final days quietly surrounded by her family.  Her cat lies in her lap and her husband sings to her.   She is an artist and my thoughts are with her beautiful smile and the images she created that have the power to carry me to a place of truth and beauty and knowing.   I will visit those places often even after she is gone.

Here’s all I want to say for now.  All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” (Julian of Norwich)

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